Who are we?

Custom Concept is an agency established in April 2010 by experienced professionals in the field of research, evaluation and consulting.

Custom Concept operates as a small female company, but with a large number of carefully selected external associates. Custom Concept has a highly developed network of 120 interviewers, which covers entire Bosnia and Herzegovina – with eight regional coordinators, 25 CATI interviewers, controllers and typists, as well as a number of other professionals in the field of research/other various fields, whose work contributes to each research being implemented in a quality and timely manner.

Custom Concept offers its Clients assistance in the design of each phase of the research – assistance in choosing the type of research, research methods, defining target groups, development of research instruments, sample design, selection of adequate methods of data analysis and the most suitable methods of presenting the results.

The equipment Custom Concept has at its disposal fulfils the highest standards of professionalism and includes the modern telephone interviewing center and the latest software for data collection, their processing and analysis.

Quality control is of greatest importance to Custom Concept. Control of work of everyone involved in research process is carried out throughout the entire research, from the data collection phase to the final validation, through numerous methods of field, telephone, and logical control. This ensures the reliability of data/information obtained and enables their generalization to the entire target group of the research.

Custom Concept’s staff has vast experience in working with different types of data, their analysis and reporting. They conduct desk research, all necessary statistical quantitative data analyses, as well as qualitative analyses of data gathered through focus groups and in-depth interviews. Depending on Clients’ needs, the results of these analyses can result in descriptive and analytic reports, social assessments, mid-term and final evaluations, Power Point presentations, graphic and tabular reviews of results and consultancy reports. Custom Concept researchers offer internal or external presentations of research results, per Client’s request.

Since its establishment in April 2010, Custom Concept has collaborated with an array of national and international Clients from the public, NGO and private sector. Satisfaction with the methods and the results of work performed by Custom Concept is best explained by the fact that, after the initial experience, Clients chose Custom Concept again to conduct their research.

Custom Concept team

Maja Papović
Maja Papović
Senior researcher
Erna Lević
Erna Lević
Research assistant
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