Why individual concepts?

In modern world, success is not possible unless you have the right information and research is one of the ways to obtain it. Research should be conducted to increase actions’ quality, efficiency, effectiveness, relevance and impact. Research provides accurate, quick and reliable information. It provides a context, a frame of reference and insight into the real state of things. Research results allow making adequate decisions, save time, money and energy.

Hiring Custom Concept provides all that – a high quality research that will result in timely and useful information. As part of its specific individual approach of conducting a limited number of research projects in a given period of time, Custom Concept takes into account that research to be conducted will have the results that will justify the effort and dedicated time, and which will highly motivate team members' commitment, quality and creative work. This approach ensures that a researcher engaged in particular research, works solely on that project with undivided attention, knowledge and time, while maintaining constant communication with the Client and guaranteeing strict compliance with deadlines. In addition, through meeting the Client we try to develop research design and methodology that are customized to that Client, not only regarding the objectives of the research, but also the profile of each of them.

For this reason, Custom Concept mainly conducts research for clients whose activities it supports, and within projects for whose realization of objectives it devotes itself. Almost all of Custom Concept’s researches were aimed at social development issues and to create a caring and protective environment for BiH citizens. The more specific Custom Concept expertise includes impact and social assessments, public and user perception researches and researches that involves comparation of the data collected at different project periods - before it starts, during and after completion of project activities.

Custom Concept represents a reliable, dedicated and inovative partner for all of your research needs.